Gala Prep Tee

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$16.68 USD
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Color: Orchid Pink
Size: XS


  • 100% cotton
  • Classic unisex fit
  • Wash in cool water
  • Tumble dry low


It’s the day of the big event and you’re literally running around putting the final details in place. You’re wrangling gear and greeting entertainers. You’re trying to locate staff members who bailed on volunteering. You’re filling the gaps where committee members flaked on the things they said they’d take care of. You’re adjusting seating assignments, directing caterers, and fixing the misaligned silent auction items with their bid sheets, while also fighting with the tech for the live auction. You’re pushing all the last-minute things into reality and you’re doing it in style in our Gala Prep T-Shirt. This fitted, modern tee will allow freedom of movement while you advertise that killer outfit you have waiting to wow your guests. Order a few to say thank you and bring some laughter and fun to the planning committee and your team running alongside you to make this gala happen.