Levity Shop - #Nonprofitlife

You’ve probably felt at times that being a nonprofit lifer is a lot like being a member of Fight Club – The First Rule of Nonprofit Life Is: You Do Not Talk About Nonprofit Life.

You know the subjects – the taboo and toxic – the ones that you hold close, else risk the reputation and stability of your organization? The Levity Shop grows out of a deep love of nonprofit life and a deep love of you, our colleagues in and supporters of the sector. The Levity Shop was created to open a dialogue about the aspects of work we don’t publicly share, yet needs to change – and in many cases is starting to shift. Our hope is that Levity Shop products generate a respectful and productive conversation without disparagement or indictment of this extraordinary sector we get to serve. We also hope it offers you a chance to laugh, to reframe, and to regroup within the moments of nonprofit life stress and frustration that you experience.

We adore this nonprofit life and want you to thrive in it. You’re not alone. Hold on. Reach out to this community of nonprofit lifers. Laugh. Recommit. Take Action. Make Change.

Happy Shopping.